Advisory Board

Foto: IWKG


Prof. Dr. Peter Dirksmeier

Professor for Cultural Geography

Institute of Economic and Cultural Geography at Leibniz University Hannover

Foto: Ifo Institut/Vinogradova


Prof. Dr. Oliver Falck

Head of the ifo Center for Industrial Organization and New Technologies

Foto: Wilfried Gerharz


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kurtenbach

Professor of Political Science/Social Policy at the University of Applied Sciences Münster and Private Lecturer at the Faculty of Social Science at the Ruhr University Bochum

Foto: private


Prof. Dr. Odile Sauzet

Biostatistician, Director of the Statistics Consulting Center,

Faculty of Business Administration and Economics and School Public Health,

University of Bielefeld



Foto: private


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Seuß

Professorship of Geoinformation, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Foto: private


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Siedentop

Professor of Urban Development at the TU Dortmund, Department of Urban Development

Foto: HS Hof


Prof. Dr. Beatrix Weber

Head of Research Group Law in Sustainability, Compliance and IT

Institute for Information Systems at Hof University